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Inventory Management

Stockpiler is an asset and inventory management system for stockrooms and warehouses. It is designed to track inventory including checkins, checkouts, moves, picks, adjustments and all associated data and transaction history.

Stockpiler is deployed as a two part system including Stockpiler Server, which provides all data storage and retrieval and provides an API to the Stockpiler Client. Stockpiler Client has several different versions including a web based client, mobile client and a Windows Mobile client designed to run on the Symbol / Motorola series of scanners.

Client, Meet Server

The system is currently in production in both small and large installations ranging from basic retail stockroom management to large warehouse inventories containing tens of thousands of skus, hundreds of thousands of items and many hundreds of transactions per day.

Enterprise Proven

Completely Customizable

We have worked with clients to create direct integrations with software such as Visual Manufacturing, Great Plains Dynamics, Quickbooks and other customer specific systems.

Keep Organized

Define your warehouses, locations and item types. Your mobile workforce can check items in and out of locations maintaining full transactional history of where and when your inventory and assets are moving and changing.

Batch print custom labels for your warehouse locations and items. Or make use of existing product labeling such as standard UPC or your own in-house SKUs.

Print Labels

Easily create product pick lists with our simple web interface and your mobile workforce will know exactly what needs to be pulled for order fulfillment.

Fill Orders

Once product is picked, check in to your pack table to maintain a full item history of each step in the process.

Ship Accurately

Reliable inventory and asset management that evolves with your business

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